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Over $0 Paid at BBR Events... $0 in 2018!

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Junior American Barrel Racing


2019-20 Junior American Schedule Now Available!

2019 Junior American Champion
Sydney Frey (Marlo, OK) on Great Guns on Dakota
$10,000 plus Gold Buckle

2018-19 Junior American Results

Jr American's Road to the American

15 Jr American Qualifier Races (see schedule)

  • $250 Sidepot at Hosting Event
  • $25% Paid at Qualifier Sidepot / 50% Paid at Jr American Rodeo / 25% Paid at American (as part of American Semi-Finals and American Rodeo payout)
  • $100 annual Jr American Membership required (BBR Membership not required)
  • Enter Online at
  • Top 10 from each Qualifier Invited to Jr American Rodeo in Ft Worth, TX.

Jr American Rodeo

  • Top 10 from each Jr American Qualfier.
  • No additional entry fee.
  • $10,000 Guarateed 1st Place Payout plus Champion Gold Buckle
  • Top 2 from Jr American Rodeo Invited to American Semi-Finals Rodeo in Ft Worth, TX.
  • Top 2 from Jr American guaranteed runs at American Rodeo in Arlington, TX.

American Semi-Finals & American Rodeo

  • Top 2 from Jr American Rodeo to run in last performance of American Semi-Finals!
  • If Top 2 from Jr American place in Top 10 of American Semi-Finals, they will compete as American Rodeo Qualifiers and will be elibigle to win $1M Qualifier Bonus!
  • If Top 2 from Jr American do not place in Top 10 of American Semi-Finals, they will make an exhibition run at the American Rodeo!

Frequent Questions

What is the age limit to enter the Jr American?
You must be 19 yrs or younger at the time of the Jr American Qualifier event.

How do I enter a Jr American Rodeo Qualifier?
Entries for Jr American Qualifier barrel races will be taken online at Books will open approximately 2 weeks prior to the host event and will close on the Thursday prior to the host event at 5pm Central Time.  Click the link in the schedule below for the online entry when it is available.  The Jr American will be a sidepot for the designated race(s) at the host event. Entry in the host events race must be made through that producer.

What is the format of the Junior American Qualifiers?
The Junior American Qualifier will be run as a sidepot to one or more of the races at the host event.  The event schedule will list the different classes at the host event from which your time may be carried.  It is the contestant's responsibility to enter to proper host event class in order to get a time to carry to the Junior American Qualifier.

The Junior American Qualifier will be paid on a sweepstakes style format with the number of places to be determined by the total entries.  Results from the Qualifier will be posted on and checks will be mailed from the Better Barrel Races office the week after the event.  Contestants will need to have a completed W-9 on file with the BBR office before checks can be distributed.

What memberships do I have to purchase?
You must purchase an annual Jr American membership in order to compete in a Jr American Qualifier event. You may purchase this membership along with your entry from the online entry page.  Contestants who compete without purchasing a membership prior to competition will be disqualified without refund.  Membership in Better Barrel Races is not required but may entitle you to additional benefits at the host event.

How many times can I qualify?
You can qualify up to two (2) per person. However, each qualification must be on a different horse and each horse may only compete one time at the Jr American Rodeo, American Semi-Finals or American Rodeo.

Can more than one person qualify for the Jr American on the same horse?
Yes. Multiple people may qualify on the same horse at different Jr American Qualifier events. However, each horse may only compete one time at the Jr American Rodeo, American Semi-Finals or American Rodeo.

Can I switch horses along the way or must I compete on the horse I qualified on?
You can switch horses at each event/go-round. However, each horse may only compete one time at each event/go-round.

What if I qualify in the Top 2 from the Jr American and the Top 30 in the American Semi-Finals long go?
First of all... Good for You! You will compete in the American Semi-Finals in the Jr American spot during the last performance and an additional contestant from the American Semi-Finals long go will be promoted to fill your spot from that qualification. If you place in the Top 10, you will be eligible either way for American Semi-Finals prize money and American Rodeo prize money. If you do not place in the Top 10, you will still exhibition at the American Rodeo.

Qualified Barrel Racing Contestants

2019-20 Jr American Barrel Racing Qualifier Schedule

Note: Additional dates will be published when available.

June 11-15, 2019
Jackson, MS - All-American Youth World
Producer Website - All-American Youth
July 2, 2019
Gutrie, OK - National Little Britches Rodeo
Producer Website -
July 5, 2019
Ft Worth, TX - Paint Horse World
Producer Website -
July 7, 2019
Shawnee, OK - IFYR
Producer Website - 
July 20, 2019
South Jordan, UT - Patriot Days of '47 Qualifier
Producer Website -
August 3, 2019
Jerome, ID - Jerome Co Fair & Rodeo
Producer Website -
September 1, 2019
Clemson, SC - Good Times Barrel Racing
Producer Website -
September 8, 2019 
Castle Rock, CO - Mile Hi Barrel Race
Producer Website -
October 11-13, 2019
Texarkana, AR - Lucky Dog Productions
Producer Website -
October 25-27, 2019
Gifford, IL - Barrel Bash
Producer Website -
November 1, 2019
Bryan, TX - BBR Southern Territorial
Producer Website -
November 8-10, 2019
Perry, GA - Southeastern Showdown (High School Division - 1st Go  Barrels Only)
November 23, 2019
Bozeman, MT - Copper Spring Ranch
Producer Website -
November 30 - December 1, 2019
Amarillo, TX - CBT Christmas Cash
Producer Website -
December 20, 2019
Jackson, MS - Holiday Classic
Producer Website - WebbFarms
December 2019
Waco, TX - Texas Circuit Finals Youth Rodeo
Producer Website -
January 2020
Carthage, MO - Lucky J Arena
Producer Website -
January 2020
Glen Rose, TX - Dinosaur Classic
Producer Website -
February 2020
Kinder, LA - Kinder Cup
Producer Website -
February 2020
Ft Worth, TX - Patriot Barrel Race
Producer Website -