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Patriot Event - Ft Worth, TX

2021 Patriot Barrel Race

Fort Worth, TX
Mar 1 - 6, 2021
$50,000 Added Money!

2021 Patriot Barrels Draw

The draw include PRE-ENTRIES ONLY!! If you entered the Young Guns, Futurity or Jr American after the entry deadline, you will be included in the Late Draw that will be posted when the books for each respective section close.

Pre-Entry Draw - Young Guns (pre-entries), Jr American Long Go and Open Sections 1-3 (pdf)

Draw for the Young Guns late entries, the American Qualifier and the Futurity will be posted here when the books close for each respective section.

All Open sections are full and not late entries will be accepted for the Open. The Young Guns, American Qualifier and Futurity will close as follows...

  • American Qualifier - Monday, March 1st at 5pm Central Time
  • Young Guns & Jr American Qualfier Sidepot - Wednesday, March 3rd at 9am Central Time
  • Futurity - Wednesday, March 3rd at 5pm Central Time


  • Exhibitions for Futurity horses will be held as scheduled on Tuesday, March 2nd at 9am. Each futurity horse will be limited to one exhibition. Exhibitions will be sold at the back of the alley (cash only) as they are taken.
  • Due to the overwhelming demand for exhibitions from non-futurity horses, the remaining exhibition times will be converted to "Open Pen" sessions. These will be sold in 30 minute increments and will be limited to 50 horses per session.
  • You may purchase only one Open Pen ticket per horse entered. Tickets for the Open Pen will be $10ea. and will go on sale Thursday, February 25th at 12pm noon. A link to the ticketing page will be located here, so you will need to refresh your browser after that time to view the link!!

Purchase Open Pen Tickets - Available Thursday, Feb 25th at 12 noon CST.


  • $250 Entry Fee
  • Run as sidepot Young Guns Long Go or American Qualifier (Wed)
  • Enter online at Books close at 9am Wednesday (3/3/2021)
  • Top 10 to advance to Junior American Long Go on Thursday



  • Open to horses 5 years and under in first year of competition (cannot have competed prior to Nov 15, 2020)
  • $300 Entry Fee
  • Books close for Late Entries at 5pm Wednesday (3/3/2021)
  • Two Long Goes (30% each - 2D Format/full sec split) and Aggregate (40% - Sweepstakes Format)
  • Optional rollover from Long Goes to Patriot 4D (Must roll if entering each day's 4D)
  • Horse substitutions not allowed. Riders may sub prior to first go only (any rollovers will also be substituted)


  • Riders 19 & Under as of Jan 1, 2021
  • $100 Entry Fee plus Req’d Rollover to Patriot 4D (Total fees $300)
  • Books close for Late Entries at 9am Wednesday (3/3/2021)
  • 4D Format (1/2 second splits)
  • Qualifying Long Go (Wed) and Finals (Sat) – Clean slate Finals with 20 from each Qualifying Division - Pays only on Finals!
  • Young Gungs Finals qualifiers must carry times from Patriot 4D Open Finals if qualified for both


  • $200 Entry Fee | BBR Membership Req’d | One Long Go over Multiple Days & Finals
  • Books close for Late Entries with first horse of each Open section or when respective section is full
  • Each horse/rider combination may enter up to 2 sections
  • (including rollovers) - Horses may only run once per day
  • Rollovers: Young Guns/American (Wed) | Jr American Long Go (Thur) | Futurity Goes (Thur/Fri)
  • Open Sections: Sec 1 (Tues - Limit 200) | Sec 2 (Thurs - Limit 150) | Sec 3 (Fri - Limit 250) | Finals (Sat)
  • 4D Format (1/2 second splits) - Qualifying Long Go (40% of purse) and Finals (60% of Purse)
  • Qualifying Long Go (Wed) and Finals (Sat) – Clean slate Finals with 50 from each Qualifying Division!
  • Young Gungs Finals qualifiers must carry times from Patriot 4D Open Finals if qualified for both
  • Horse substitutions allowed at check-in. No rider substitutions.


  • Junior American Long Go by Invitation Only from contestants qualifying at a Junior American Qualifier - QUALIFIED CONTESTANTS
  • There is not additional entry free for the Junior American Qualified contestant
  • Top 15 from Junior American Long Go advance to the Junior American Short Go (Fri)
  • Optional Rollover from Junior American Long Go to Patriot 4D Open
  • Note: Junior American contestants riding horses entered in Patriot Futurity must make separate runs and rollovers to Open 4D will be taken from Futurity instead of Jr American

Download Printable Entry Form (PDF)


RESERVE STALLS ONLINE HERE  (via Patriot website)

Complete Barrel Race Rules/Conditions


Final Barrel Arena Schedule

Monday - March 1

  • 9am - Move-In
  • 4pm - Office Open
  • 5pm-9pm - Open Arena (30 minute sessions)

Tuesday - March 2

  • 8am - Check-In
  • 9am - Futurity Exhibitions
  • 12pm-4pm - Open Arena (30 minute sessions)
  • 5pm-10pm - Patriot 4D Open - Section 1 (limit 200)

Wednesday - March 3

  • 8am - Check-In
  • 9am - Young Guns Long Go w/ Last Chance Jr American Qualifier (automatically rolls to Open 4D)
    • Note: Young Guns will break at closest big drag prior to 7pm and will resume following American Qualifier
  • 7pm - 2022 American "First Chance" Qualifier (automatically rolls to Open 4D)

Thursday - March 4

  • 9am - Futurity - 1st Go
  • 12pm - Junior American Long Go (can roll time to Open 4D)
  • 7pm - Patriot 4D Open - Section 2 (limit 150)

Friday - March 5

  • 9am - Futurity - 2nd Go (reverse order)
  • 12pm - Patriot 4D Open - Section 3 (limit 250)
  • 7pm - Junior American Rodeo Short Go

Saturday - March 6

  • 9am - Patriot 4D Open Finals Round
  • followed by Young Guns Finals Round