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Attention BBR Members

The BBR office is in the final stages of compiling all the show data for 2016 and preparing to post the year end standings and year end awards winners. Please take a few moments and check your standings to make sure you have received credit/points for all the shows that you attended during the 2016 season.  You can check your shows and points earned by visiting the BBR Website, click on the Members tab and enter your last name.   If you are missing shows and/or points, please send an email ASAP to ross@betterbarrelraces.com. In the email, please include your name, your BBR membership number and the date/location of the show that is missing.  A complete listing of the 2016 Year-End Award Winners will soon be posted and all standings will become final on Jan 31, 2017.    BBR members must attend eight (8) qualifying shows to qualify for the BBR World Finals. Gold Card members, only need to attend six (6) qualifying shows. If you’re a regular BBR member, and you only have 6 or 7 qualifiers, you can still upgrade to a BBR Gold Card, and that will qualify you for the 2017 BBR World Finals.

Entries for the American Rodeo Qualifiers are now open -  Click on The American Logo at the top of this page. 
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February 21-25, 2017
The Patriot
America's Richest Combined Equestrian Event
Will Rogers Coliseum - Ft. Worth, TX

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Notice to BBR Members

BBR appreciates our independent producers who sanction events and endorse BBR by displaying the BBR logo on their web sites.  Since BBR is not always able to sanction every event an independent producer is offering, it is the responsibility of BBR members to check the status of an event on the official BBR Web Site to determine the approval status
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