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BBR Show Results

The Betty's Open 4D Fall Series
Open 4D

ContestantHometownBBR No.TimePointsAmt Won
1-D Results
Hayden SheaPortales, NM305315.96515.00$238.00
Kinsey ChandlerCrane, TX737316.06314.00$95.00
Hayden SheaPortales, NM305316.2695.00
Kimberly AcostaAndrews, TX1121716.34513.00
Tim AcostaAndrews, TX1897616.35312.00
Carol KnuthMidland, TX1664916.42311.00
2-D Results
Amber YanceySeminole, TX424716.75215.00$122.00
Courtney MooseMidland, TX764416.77214.00$82.00
Sheila ZantOdessa, TX157116.79013.00
Zyra GibsonLovington, NM1873516.90012.00
Kortni McConnellHereford, TX79016.91911.00
3-D Results
Amber YanceySeminole, TX424717.15115.00$82.00
Amanda YocomPecos, TX1490217.27114.00$54.00
Carol KnuthMidland, TX1664917.28113.00
4-D Results
Hayden SheaPortales, NM305317.47515.00$102.00
Annette NoackLovington, NM817917.85414.00
Penalties, No Times & 3+ Second Results
Heather StoverMidland, TX1843124.8780.00
Kimberly AcostaAndrews, TX1121799.9990.00
Kinsey ChandlerCrane, TX737399.9990.00
Jordan DriverGarden City, TX1020599.9990.00
Jordan DriverGarden City, TX1020599.9990.00
Jordan DriverGarden City, TX1020599.9990.00
Stefanie LoganHobbs, NM1710499.9990.00
Cece TongateAnton, TX1466199.9990.00
Reese WoodMidland, TX1892599.9990.00
Sheila ZantOdessa, TX157199.9990.00