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BBR Show Results

IBRF @ the Hoosier Horse Park Futurity
Futurity Average

ContestantHometownBBR No.TimePointsAmt Won
1-D Results
** NON-MEMBER **, 030.5420.00$2,596.00
Elaina McKinneyCarbondale, IL977430.73630.00$2,162.00
Marne LoosenortHazel, KY259230.74629.00$1,730.00
Marne LoosenortHazel, KY259230.8000.00$1,225.00
Marne LoosenortHazel, KY259230.8580.00$1,009.00
Terri AlexanderCarrollton, GA892631.46628.00$505.00
Molly Hill-TibbsCarbondale, IL1689032.09627.00
Josey OwensGoshen, AL1129032.11026.00
Kelly KelleyMacedonia, IL1457032.15425.00
Penalties, No Times & 3+ Second Results
** NON-MEMBER **, 033.7470.00
Larken RileyFalmouth, KY1602634.0360.00
Angel Rae MillerMicanopy, FL1691335.9900.00
** NON-MEMBER **, 036.1700.00
Todd HolderSparta, KY1274237.2120.00
Josey OwensGoshen, AL1129037.3220.00
Marne LoosenortHazel, KY259237.4150.00
** NON-MEMBER **, 040.8960.00
Marne LoosenortHazel, KY259241.2740.00
Josey OwensGoshen, AL1129045.9050.00