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BBR Show Results

Kickoff To Cowboy Christmas
Open 4D

ContestantHometownBBR No.TimePointsAmt Won
1-D Results
Riley ParkerPalestine, TX1219716.38910.00$257.00
Kaylee BrownMarquez, TX1705916.8209.00
2-D Results
Emily ChigloGroesbeck, TX1875716.95710.00$221.00
Hilary LoBueRockdale, TX1772917.1429.00
Emily ChigloGroesbeck, TX1875717.2575.00
Sage LoBueRockdale, TX1772817.3438.00
3-D Results
Carina MorrisBryan, TX183417.41210.00$147.00
Carina MorrisBryan, TX183417.4645.00$59.00
Riley ParkerPalestine, TX1219717.4749.00
Makayla KimichHuntsville, TX1614117.5858.00
4-D Results
Colleen StonerFairfield, TX1326117.90410.00
Stacey HullNorth Zulch, TX1913718.2809.00
Ciara ParkerPalestine, TX1219818.3878.00
5-D Results
Dana GallegosDonie, TX1425218.97510.00
Penalties, No Times & 3+ Second Results
Kinley CobbsHuntsville, TX1983119.6000.00
Dana GallegosDonie, TX1425221.9120.00
Carina MorrisBryan, TX183422.3700.00
Kaylee BrownMarquez, TX1705924.1950.00
Lyla CobbsHuntsville, TX1773699.9990.00
Brooke HenryWaller, TX1563299.9990.00
Breanna JacksonMesquite, TX1731999.9990.00
Carina MorrisBryan, TX183499.9990.00