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BBR Show Results

May Wild Wednesdays 4D with slack!
Open 4D

ContestantHometownBBR No.TimePointsAmt Won
1-D Results
** Non Member **016.0810.00$275.83
Becky DillardCross Plains , TX1094216.33915.00$137.92
Emma WildeisenStephenville, TX861516.35214.00$68.96
Ashlyn GovenRozet, WY1277616.39813.00
Nicole DriggersStephenville, TX898416.46012.00
Ashley SchaferComanche, TX612516.47911.00
Ashlyn GovenRozet, WY1277616.5245.00
Billie Ann HarmonDublin, TX906716.53410.00
Emily StilesPlymouth, IN1957016.5609.00
2-D Results
Karsen TuckerCarbon, TX2041616.62915.00$117.48
Becky DillardCross Plains , TX1094216.74314.00$58.74
Abbey LawrenceComanche, TX2118716.76013.00
Ashley SchaferComanche, TX612516.77612.00
Ashlyn GovenRozet, WY1277616.86111.00
Kasey BonnemaBlanket, TX1602317.06010.00
Jessica DillerCarlsbad, TX1823017.0689.00
3-D Results
Ashley SchaferComanche, TX612517.27115.00$97.05
Mariah EarlesClyde, TX2027017.53314.00
4-D Results
Susan RichardsonBlanket, TX778517.67515.00$173.67
Lacey Donegan HarmonBluff Dale, TX206317.74514.00$86.84
Layla WoodStephenville, TX2149917.86813.00$43.42
5-D Results
Jessica DillerCarlsbad, TX1823018.49115.00$35.76
Bree VitekCross Plains, TX2101118.70014.00
Penalties, No Times & 3+ Second Results
Bliss WellsStephenville, TX1969923.5190.00
Gwenny DavisComanche, TX1865999.9990.00
Lacey Donegan HarmonBluff Dale, TX206399.9990.00
Mariah EarlesClyde, TX2027099.9990.00
Billie Ann HarmonDublin, TX906799.9990.00
Bree VitekCross Plains, TX2101199.9990.00
Bliss WellsStephenville, TX1969999.9990.00
Emma WildeisenStephenville, TX861599.9990.00