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BBR Show Results

Remember the 80's
Saturday Open 4D

ContestantHometownBBR No.TimePointsAmt Won
1-D Results
Olivia DamesPalmyra, MO1689915.15115.00$304.00
Tracey BolesSilex, MO1335215.55314.00$233.00
Danielle (Jean) ParksParis, MO1310015.58613.00
David Dodson Liberty, IL460315.61312.00
2-D Results
Olivia DamesPalmyra, MO1689915.70615.00$175.00
Kayla SpieckermannMadison, MO1582715.70814.00$127.00
Ashley GentryClarksville, MO1565015.71713.00
Lauryn WearPalmyra, MO686215.77212.00
Lauryn WearPalmyra, MO686215.9675.00
3-D Results
Brianna DickOFallon, MO1739616.25415.00$152.00
Jessica SchmidleSt. Charles, MO1318416.31714.00
Abby SandersonBridgeton, MO1724916.37613.00
Tracey BolesSilex, MO1335216.54512.00
5-D Results
Jessica SchmidleSt. Charles, MO1318417.19115.00$76.00
Regan ThompsonNew London, MO1678617.21114.00$58.00
Karen HarrowerCurryville, MO1432817.23313.00$42.00
Catherine LutesTroy, MO1689317.26712.00
Regan ThompsonNew London, MO1678617.5035.00
Penalties, No Times & 3+ Second Results
Regan ThompsonNew London, MO1678618.4210.00
James JohnsTroy, MO1579118.8160.00
David Dodson Liberty, IL460399.9990.00
Tara EdwardsOld Monroe, MO1335099.9990.00
Kim FergusonLaGrange, MO39999.9990.00
Karen HarrowerCurryville, MO1432899.9990.00
James JohnsTroy, MO1579199.9990.00
Delanee RossPerry, MO1681899.9990.00
Tatum SchmidtFrankford, MO1453599.9990.00
Regan ThompsonNew London, MO1678699.9990.00