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BBR Show Results

Remember the 80's
Sunday Open 4D

ContestantHometownBBR No.TimePointsAmt Won
1-D Results
Olivia DamesPalmyra, MO1689915.29815.00$312.00
Lauryn WearPalmyra, MO686215.39914.00$239.00
Tracey BolesSilex, MO1335215.42413.00$174.00
Bruce LudwigTroy, MO607815.55512.00
Danielle (Jean) ParksParis, MO1310015.68711.00
David Dodson Liberty, IL460315.70710.00
Susie BusseTroy, MO1547215.7129.00
Lauryn WearPalmyra, MO686215.7255.00
Kayla SpieckermannMadison, MO1582715.7278.00
Tracey BolesSilex, MO1335215.7425.00
2-D Results
Tatum SchmidtFrankford, MO1453515.93915.00$179.00
Jessica SchmidleSt. Charles, MO1318416.01414.00$130.00
Delanee RossPerry, MO1681816.04013.00
3-D Results
Regan ThompsonNew London, MO1678616.54515.00
Brianna DickOFallon, MO1739616.65014.00
4-D Results
Abby SandersonBridgeton, MO1724916.83115.00
David Dodson Liberty, IL460316.95914.00
Regan ThompsonNew London, MO1678617.22813.00
Regan ThompsonNew London, MO1678617.2595.00
5-D Results
Regan ThompsonNew London, MO1678617.37015.00$78.00
Karen HarrowerCurryville, MO1432817.45114.00$60.00
Catherine LutesTroy, MO1689317.64513.00
Penalties, No Times & 3+ Second Results
James JohnsTroy, MO1579118.8940.00
Jessica SchmidleSt. Charles, MO1318419.6300.00
Olivia DamesPalmyra, MO1689999.9990.00
Tara EdwardsOld Monroe, MO1335099.9990.00
Ashley GentryClarksville, MO1565099.9990.00
Karen HarrowerCurryville, MO1432899.9990.00
James JohnsTroy, MO1579199.9990.00
Lauryn WearPalmyra, MO686299.9990.00