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BBR Show Results

ICRP All The Prizes 5F Jackpot #2
Open 5D

ContestantHometownBBR No.TimePointsAmt Won
1-D Results
Shianna Carter-RatliffSt Louis, MO1766713.20915.00$179.28
Rylee AndersonPalmyra, MO1759913.41614.00$119.52
Jillian JacovinoOtterville, MO1355113.50513.00
Jessica KellySturgeon, MO1240713.62912.00
2-D Results
Rylee AndersonPalmyra, MO1759914.02015.00$149.40
Jennifer ToddWright City, MO1380214.02714.00$99.60
Abby MassmanHenley, MO1693414.18313.00
3-D Results
Emily PerkinsHallsville, MO1644714.61615.00$79.68
4-D Results
Lisa FieldsWhat Cheer, IA1635214.79215.00$89.64
5-D Results
Karen HarrowerCurryville, MO1432815.39515.00
Lisa FieldsWhat Cheer, IA1635215.85414.00
Penalties, No Times & 3+ Second Results
Cindi SlempSturgeon, MO1983216.8050.00
Erinn BushAuxvasse, MO1981317.6510.00
Dawn M. AndersonPalmyra, MO695699.9990.00
Megan GraessleMeta, MO1974299.9990.00
Jessica KellySturgeon, MO1240799.9990.00
Ashley RodgersBellflower, MO1583199.9990.00
Jordan ToddWright City, MO1725199.9990.00
Miranda WilsonColumbia, MO1835399.9990.00