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BBR Show Results

The Patriot
Futurity 1st Go

ContestantHometownHorse NameBBR No.TimeContestant PointsHorse PointsAmt Won
1-D Results
Mark BugniShawnee, OKFive L Rockin Heaven494615.11930.0030.00$2,777.00
Andrea ClineSpringtown, TXFury Fame N Fortune99615.50029.0029.00$2,380.00
James BarnesHamburg, ARThis Guy Will Moonya309715.50928.0028.00$1,983.00
Ceri WardWoodward, OKSlick Swingin Gypsy122515.57827.0027.00$1,587.00
Andre CoelhoDecatur, TXB Four1118915.58826.0026.00$1,190.00
Andre CoelhoDecatur, TXTiny Bit of Pressure1118915.6040.0025.00$926.00
Riley YoungmanCenturia, WIBack ta the Bar1552615.64725.0024.00
Tricia AldridgeSanger, TXCamera Ready Eddie716215.71824.0023.00
Tricia AldridgeSanger, TXFurytyme716215.7320.0022.00
Kennedy ClarkGravette, AR** Not Nominated **936215.75923.000.00
Cayla SmallAfton, OK** Not Nominated **227115.78722.000.00
DaCota MonkPoint, TX** Not Nominated **845515.79921.000.00
Cayla SmallAfton, OKBack By Design227115.7990.0021.00
Ashley PetersonBirnamwood, WI** Not Nominated **2126315.89420.000.00
Stevie PerkinsKinder, LA** Not Nominated **946715.89719.000.00
Marne LoosenortHazel, KYSchoen Smooth Moves259215.92618.0020.00
DaCota MonkPoint, TXFrench Empire845515.9310.0019.00
Tiffany AccomazzoStephenville, TX** Not Nominated **2109815.93917.000.00
Ceri WardWoodward, OK** Not Nominated **122515.9390.000.00
Fonda MelbyBackus, MNRF Bugin For Cookies883415.96716.0018.00
Sierra MelbyWilson, OKRDC Frenchman So Lit841816.02215.0017.00
Marne LoosenortHazel, KYRitas Famous Hayday259216.0260.0016.00
Marne LoosenortHazel, KYPT StreakinLilRicki259216.0550.0015.00
Tera MoodyLetcher, SDFiestas Feature332016.09114.0014.00
Kelly CookPierson, IA** Not Nominated **2020116.09513.000.00
Scamper HillGranbury, TXEpical636416.10712.0013.00
DaCota MonkPoint, TXMS Jettas Effort845516.1480.0012.00$661.00
Tera MoodyLetcher, SDRCC Queen Bee332016.1680.0011.00$529.00
Joy BrunsonTerry, MS** Not Nominated **2111116.16911.000.00$397.00
Joy BrunsonTerry, MS** Not Nominated **2111116.1750.000.00
Carly RuddShandon, CANo Pressure on Fame1114216.19010.0010.00
Brax NucklesJonesboro, AR** Not Nominated **1870616.1939.000.00
Jodee MillerSanto, TX** Not Nominated **17216.2548.000.00
Scamper HillGranbury, TXLovers Lane636416.2770.009.00
Cayla SmallAfton, OKRDC Too Much Gold227116.2830.008.00
Kendi CordovaStephenville, TX** Not Nominated **1917216.3217.000.00
Andrea ClineSpringtown, TX** Not Nominated **99616.3220.000.00
Luke DunningArlee, MT** Not Nominated **1499616.3416.000.00
Torrie EdgeDurant, OKFrancy N Famous1044116.4055.007.00
Abigail PoeFitzgerald, GAThis Fury is Salty1505916.4254.006.00
Lacy BillingsleyAubrey, TXFamous For Arson709516.4313.005.00
Jodee MillerSanto, TXTMM Hi Do Man17216.4820.004.00
Kimmie WallMarietta, OK** Not Nominated **2082816.5082.000.00
Merrick MoyerWoodward, OKRarely Busy1201116.5141.003.00
Marne LoosenortHazel, KY** Not Nominated **259216.5530.000.00
Andre CoelhoDecatur, TXExpresso Again1118916.5890.002.00
Lori WootenFt Towson, OK** Not Nominated **736416.5970.000.00
Tia BakerMineral Wells, TX** Not Nominated **1393416.6280.000.00
Kaydi AndersonSt James, MN** Not Nominated **1458716.6320.000.00
Fran DenhamMillsap, TX** Not Nominated **1070516.6360.000.00
Ceri WardWoodward, OKSugar Coated Sunshine122516.6570.001.00
Sydney HopkinsTexarkana, TXVF Chasin Cars1971016.8150.000.00
Grace JenkinsMarlin, TX** Not Nominated **1969116.9720.000.00
Jasey DavidTrinidad, TX** Not Nominated **961217.8250.000.00
Lila JardineLubbock, TX** Not Nominated **1539117.9060.000.00
Penalties, No Times & 3+ Second Results
Havana WesterParis, KYRoyal French Kiss1876619.4450.000.00
Joy BrunsonTerry, MS** Not Nominated **2111199.9990.000.00
Lacey Donegan HarmonBluff Dale, TXI Dont Do Dishes206399.9990.000.00
Skylar EisingerPauls Valley, OKZoom N Thru Traffic1522899.9990.000.00
Billie Ann HarmonDublin, TXReign of Hoaxes906799.9990.000.00
DaCota MonkPoint, TXOne To Be Envied845599.9990.000.00
DaCota MonkPoint, TX** Not Nominated **845599.9990.000.00
Summer MuhlenkampSwanton, OH** Not Nominated **1947799.9990.000.00
Cayla SmallAfton, OKRDC Surpriseeymaslick227199.9990.000.00
Ceri WardWoodward, OK** Not Nominated **122599.9990.000.00