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BBR Show Results

The Betty's $100 Added Saddle Series Part 1
Wednesday Open 4D

ContestantHometownBBR No.TimePointsAmt Won
1-D Results
Tara CarrSudan, TX2915.42815.00$275.00
Tara CarrSudan, TX2915.5405.00$165.00
JoAnn MiddletonLevelland, TX1408215.84614.00
2-D Results
Eugenie JamesMuleshoe, TX1067516.07215.00$94.00
Hayden SheaPortales, NM305316.35514.00
3-D Results
Hayden SheaPortales, NM305316.72615.00$63.00
Jolee PurcellLorenzo, TX1800616.75014.00
4-D Results
Kayla BohannonClovis, NM2100916.94515.00$118.00
Suzanne OvertonSeminole, TX956016.95214.00$71.00
Lizzie JordanLubbock, TX1999016.97613.00$47.00
Allyson ThomsLevelland, TX1251917.03012.00
Allyson ThomsLevelland, TX1251917.0345.00
5-D Results
Dusti StuartSnyder, TX1673117.43015.00
Dusti StuartSnyder, TX1673117.5045.00
Trinity ThompsonPep, NM1256017.58214.00
Victoria CarrizalesClovis, NM2107917.65313.00
Kimberlee BiggsShallowater, TX1251217.87012.00
Crystal KirkpatrickColorado City, TX1974718.28811.00
Penalties, No Times & 3+ Second Results
Kayla BohannonClovis, NM2100920.1390.00
Kayla BohannonClovis, NM2100999.9990.00
Eugenie JamesMuleshoe, TX1067599.9990.00
Kylie KearLubbock, TX2124899.9990.00
Stacy LorenzAnton, TX1376199.9990.00
Becki MaskAmarillo, TX86299.9990.00
Trinity ThompsonPep, NM1256099.9990.00