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Over $0 Paid at BBR Events... $0 in 2018!

Member Information.

Below is the membership information, participation and points that the Better Barrel Races office has recorded for you. If any of this information is incomplete or incorrect, please contact us at (405) 230-7167 so that we can quickly resolve any discrepancies.

Membership Information

Member No.:10056
Name:Demi Hull
Hometown:Lawrence, KS
Date Joined:December 31, 2018
Standings Region:Northern
Member Status:Standard Membership
 Current until December 30, 2020
Finals Qualification:You have enough participation credit to qualify for the 2020 BBR World Finals if you purchase a 2019 BBR Membership.

2019 Shows Attended

DateShow NameRace Name
02/03/2019$100 Added KS 01 5DOpen 5D
03/16/2019$100 Added KS 01 5DSaturday Open 5D
03/17/2019$100 Added KS 01 5DSunday Open 5D
03/27/2019Bobo's Revenge VOpen 4D
04/05/2019Barrel Bash Productions Friday Open 4D
04/06/2019Barrel Bash Productions Saturday Open 4D
04/10/2019Bobo's Revenge VOpen 4D
04/19/2019Go For Broke Barrel RaceFriday Open 5D
04/20/2019Go For Broke Barrel RaceSaturday Open 5D
04/21/2019Go For Broke Barrel RaceSunday Open 5D
04/27/2019BBR World FinalsRace 1
04/27/2019BBR World FinalsRace 2
05/05/2019Race for Amazing GraceOpen 5D
05/15/2019Bobo's Revenge VOpen 4D
05/22/2019Bobo's Revenge VOpen 4D
05/25/2019Barrel BashSaturday Open 4D
05/27/2019Twisted Turn N Burn Memorial DayOpen 5D
06/12/2019Circleville Saddle Club Barrel RaceOpen 5D
07/13/2019The Kansas ExtremeSaturday Open 4D
07/14/2019The Kansas ExtremeSunday Open 4D
07/17/2019Circleville Saddle Club Barrel RaceOpen 5D
07/23/2019M&M Productions Open 4D
08/04/20192nd Annual 88 RaceOpen 5D
08/14/2019Circleville Saddle Club Barrel RaceOpen 5D
08/31/2019Barrel Bash (tm) **American Qualifier**Saturday Open 4D
08/31/2019Barrel Bash (tm) **American Qualifier**Saturday Bonus
09/02/2019Barrel Bash (tm) **American Qualifier**Monday Open 4D
09/02/2019Barrel Bash (tm) **American Qualifier**Monday Bonus
09/18/2019BoBo Revenge Fall SeriesOpen 4D
10/05/2019$100 Added 5DOpen 5D
10/20/2019$100 Added 5DOpen 5D
11/13/2019BoBo Revenge Fall SeriesOpen 4D
11/17/2019$100 Added 5DOpen 5D

2019 Points & Earnings

Northern Regional 1-D Points

DateShow/Race NamePoints$$ Won
06/12/2019Circleville Saddle Club Barrel Race/Open 5D9.00$34.00
08/14/2019Circleville Saddle Club Barrel Race/Open 5D10.00$168.00
09/18/2019BoBo Revenge Fall Series/Open 4D14.00$112.00
10/05/2019$100 Added 5D/Open 5D11.50$
10/20/2019$100 Added 5D/Open 5D13.00$
10/20/2019$100 Added 5D/Open 5D5.00$
11/13/2019BoBo Revenge Fall Series/Open 4D15.00$110.00
TOTALS: Northern Regional 1-D Standings77.50$424.00

Northern Regional 2-D Points

DateShow/Race NamePoints$$ Won
02/03/2019$100 Added KS 01 5D/Open 5D13.00$
03/16/2019$100 Added KS 01 5D/Saturday Open 5D14.00$
03/17/2019$100 Added KS 01 5D/Sunday Open 5D12.00$
03/27/2019Bobo's Revenge V/Open 4D11.00$
04/05/2019Barrel Bash Productions /Friday Open 4D7.00$
04/10/2019Bobo's Revenge V/Open 4D10.00$
04/10/2019Bobo's Revenge V/Open 4D5.00$
04/20/2019Go For Broke Barrel Race/Saturday Open 5D8.00$
04/21/2019Go For Broke Barrel Race/Sunday Open 5D18.00$
05/15/2019Bobo's Revenge V/Open 4D7.00$
05/22/2019Bobo's Revenge V/Open 4D13.00$113.00
05/22/2019Bobo's Revenge V/Open 4D5.00$
05/27/2019Twisted Turn N Burn Memorial Day/Open 5D9.00$
07/17/2019Circleville Saddle Club Barrel Race/Open 5D5.50$
07/23/2019M&M Productions /Open 4D9.00$
10/05/2019$100 Added 5D/Open 5D5.00$
TOTALS: Northern Regional 2-D Standings151.50$113.00

Northern Regional 3-D Points

DateShow/Race NamePoints$$ Won
03/17/2019$100 Added KS 01 5D/Sunday Open 5D14.00$43.00
03/27/2019Bobo's Revenge V/Open 4D14.00$118.00
04/06/2019Barrel Bash Productions /Saturday Open 4D17.00$
04/06/2019Barrel Bash Productions /Saturday Open 4D5.00$
04/19/2019Go For Broke Barrel Race/Friday Open 5D20.00$
04/20/2019Go For Broke Barrel Race/Saturday Open 5D22.00$
04/21/2019Go For Broke Barrel Race/Sunday Open 5D23.00$213.00
04/27/2019BBR World Finals/Race 25.00$0.00
05/05/2019Race for Amazing Grace/Open 5D20.00$75.00
05/05/2019Race for Amazing Grace/Open 5D5.00$50.00
05/15/2019Bobo's Revenge V/Open 4D7.00$
05/25/2019Barrel Bash/Saturday Open 4D11.00$
07/13/2019The Kansas Extreme/Saturday Open 4D15.00$0.00
08/14/2019Circleville Saddle Club Barrel Race/Open 5D10.00$22.40
10/05/2019$100 Added 5D/Open 5D13.00$
TOTALS: Northern Regional 3-D Standings201.00$521.40

Northern Regional 4-D Points

DateShow/Race NamePoints$$ Won
04/27/2019BBR World Finals/Race 16.00$0.00
09/02/2019Barrel Bash (tm) **American Qualifier**/Monday Open 4D9.00$
09/02/2019Barrel Bash (tm) **American Qualifier**/Monday Bonus9.00$0.00
09/18/2019BoBo Revenge Fall Series/Open 4D15.00$
TOTALS: Northern Regional 4-D Standings39.00$0.00

Northern Regional 5-D Points

DateShow/Race NamePoints$$ Won
04/27/2019BBR World Finals/Race 25.00$0.00
TOTALS: Northern Regional 5-D Standings5.00$0.00