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BBR Show Results

The Betty's $100 Open 4D
Open 4D

ContestantHometownBBR No.TimePointsAmt Won
1-D Results
Alex OdleBrush, CO999215.95915.00$296.00
Emma IrwinAndrews, TX1773016.10914.00$178.00
Sophie DunnOdessa, TX1659616.17113.00$119.00
Katelyn ScottOdessa, TX92116.18512.00
Fallon JordanSeminole, TX1024716.27011.00
Margo SmithHobbs, NM406716.28310.00
Alex OdleBrush, CO999216.3255.00
Katelyn ScottOdessa, TX92116.3685.00
Katelyn ScottOdessa, TX92116.4565.00
2-D Results
Courtney MooseMidland, TX764416.52115.00$153.00
Berkley WatersLubbock, TX1577216.69014.00
Katelyn ScottOdessa, TX92116.70913.00
Shelly DickensHobbs, NM1724616.71612.00
3-D Results
Carol KnuthMidland, TX1664917.18615.00$102.00
Emma IrwinAndrews, TX1773017.31014.00
Suzanne OvertonSeminole, TX956017.38713.00
4-D Results
Carol KnuthMidland, TX1664917.77515.00
5-D Results
Amber YanceySeminole, TX424717.97515.00
Wendy RegionCarlsbad, NM1308018.09014.00
Madelyn BentonHobbs, NM1374918.26413.00
Jamie JonesKrum, TX1807218.45812.00
Aleah WiermanBig Springs, TX1786018.71211.00
Penalties, No Times & 3+ Second Results
Wendy RegionCarlsbad, NM1308019.6800.00
Sophie DunnOdessa, TX1659699.9990.00
Madison HintonSnyder, TX1636699.9990.00
Madison HintonSnyder, TX1636699.9990.00
Fallon JordanSeminole, TX1024799.9990.00
Fallon JordanSeminole, TX1024799.9990.00
Alex OdleBrush, CO999299.9990.00
Jordan RobinsonCarlsbad, NM697699.9990.00
Cheyenne RondeauxAlpine, TX1435199.9990.00